Health & Safety

With the introduction of the New Zealand Health and Safety Reform Bill, which is aimed at reducing New Zealand's workplace injury and death toll by 25 per cent by 2020, now more than ever having an effective Health & Safety system in place is critical. With the increased responsibility that is placed upon managers and company directors to manage risks and keep their employees safe, having the ability to record, track and manage Health and Safety events, and provide auditable trails, is crucial. With a user-friendly interface and customisable features, the Zambion Health & Safety module will simplify your Health & Safety processes and support you in providing a safer working environment. This translates to fewer injuries, greater productivity and improved profits.

Health and Safety Features at a Glance

Comprehensive capturing and tracking of Accidents, Incidents and Hazards

Reduce risk with automated warnings, alerts and notifications

Powerful reporting analysis detailing Health & Safety statistics

Increase compliance by streamlining Health & Safety processes

All your Health & Safety data and documentation in one place

Increased employee participation and involvement in Health & Safety in line with new legislation


Information regarding Accidents and Incidents is easily captured via online forms. Fields can be user-specified to match your Injury Type categories and related documents such as medical certificates and ACC correspondence can be attached so all information can be referenced from a single location. Record Lost Time automatically and assign and track actions to team members as part of your investigation process.


Easily log new Hazards and manage existing ones. Hazard actions are able to be assigned and tracked and documentation and pictures of Hazards can be attached so all the Hazard information is in one place. Risk of Hazard is automatically assessed and assigned based on Likelihood and Consequence of Hazards in line with New Zealand Department of Labour (now MBIE) recommendations and detailed Hazard reports can be viewed and downloaded.

Notifications and alerts can be sent automatically to designated Health & Safety Representatives and / or managers when Accidents are logged or tasks have been assigned to them. Notifications regarding Health & Safety training expiry/due dates can also be assigned.


Capture all your Health & Safety Meeting Minutes online to improve compliance with auditing requirements. Send notifications of scheduled Health & Safety Meetings to attendees, record or attach Minutes and assign and track resulting actions from meetings. Minutes and other Health & Safety documentation can also be easily and quickly made available to staff for viewing.


Health & Safety reports can be viewed and downloaded showing data and graphs on Health & Safety events such as Accidents, Incidents, Injury Types, Location, Department, Status etc. Reports on Health & Safety training such as First Aid Certificates, Health & Safety Rep Courses, Accident & Incident Investigation are also available.


Record and manage all your PPE and work wear in one place. Groups of PPE / work wear can be created to easily be assigned to employees and automatic reminder notifications listing assigned assets can be sent to designated Managers and HR staff upon termination.

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