Technology Roadmap

Keeping up with technology is important to Zambion. Here you will find our roadmap with the up and coming milestone releases

July 2016

Next generation app for
iPhone, iPad and Android

The Zambion team have been actively working on a total new designed native app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. In this first release the app will allow users (depending on their security access) to:

  • Full timesheet support including change and submit functionality
  • Managers can change and approved timesheets
  • Full Expense claims functionality including submit, approve, as well as taking photos of receipts
  • Enter leave requests via a calendar view
  • Managers can approve / decline leave via a calendar / roster view
  • Extended Staff details functions such as integrated camera support, voice dictation of notes
  • Rostering (view only) will provide access to the daily task list and access to the client database
  • Free messaging to managers and vice versa
  • Instant notification of new messages, roster changes even when the app is not active

As well as the existing functionaility of the current app

  • Payslip Access
  • Leave Calcendar
  • Apply for / Manage leave
  • Leave Balances

Existing browser functionaliity will be available on the go via your iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. This includes and is not limited to:

The goal is to make Zambion totally mobile while still maintain it's rich feature set that we love today!

  • Full payroll - from creation to payment
  • Full rostering
  • Full time and attendance
  • HRM functionality
  • Total system configuration/maintenance
  • Health and Safety functionality
  • Staff Training
  • Staff Appraisals

August 2016

Full Zambion functionality including Payroll, HRM, and Rostering for iPhone, iPad, and Android

Payroll for Ten Bucks!

September 2016

Zambion will be offering a community edition of their payroll module on iPhone, iPad, and Android for companies with 1-10 staff for less than $10 per month in New Zealand, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

In addition, upgrade paths to HRM, Leave Management, Time and Attendance will be available at an extra cost. This means that as small companies grow they can rest assured that their Payroll, HRM, Leave, Rostering, and Time and Attendance System can grow along side them all the way up to our Zambion Enterprise editions that is designed to manage thousands of staff. Stay tuned!

Zambion will be releasing a fully functional newly designed desktop / web version. This will include all the features you love today plus any new additions and reports that have been added over the past twelve months.

October 2016


Windows 10?
Zambion Silverlight

Depending on our customer's up take of Windows 10, Zambion is planning to release a windows 10 version as a high performance replacement for it's current Silverlight version. This version will be targeted towards customers who require application speed and responsiveness whether it be a large payroll processing, complex rostering scenarios, and so on. This version will be targetted towards the Zambion power user.

As Zambion's existing Silverlight technology uses the same/similar coding base C#/XAML as native Windows 10 applications, high performing version would be a easy transition. However, as Windows 10 is not a free upgrade for businesses customer demand will determine if a dedicated version is required or existing app / HTML5 is sufficient.

Furthermore, Zambion will continue to support it's high performing browser based Silverlight version until such time as customer demand dictates otherwise or browsers drop support for the Silverlight plugin.

Upcoming Future