Training Management

Zambion's feature-rich Training Management module puts you in full control of your employee training requirements. Our system has been designed with the aim of significantly reducing the time and cost spent recording and tracking key training information. You can now record and manage all your training activities in one centralised place, whether remotely, on the go, or from the office. No more multiple systems, duplicate entries, spreadsheets or inefficient paper files required! Our easy to use system enables automated training renewal reminders and will automatically put scheduled training into the employee’s timesheet and roster and can send notifications via email, Kiosk message, SMS message, or all three!

Training Management Features at a Glance

  • Ability to attach training documentation and agreements via drag and drop
  • Record and manage all your training requirements online in a central, secure location
  • Invite attendees to training via SMS and automatically record attendance responses
  • Record training costs and time off required
  • Scheduled training automatically entered into employee’s timesheet and roster
  • Ability to set up automatic training renewal reminder notifications for managers and employees
  • Comprehensive Training reports are able to be viewed and downloaded
  • Sections to record additional information / notes about the course or individual attendees
  • Ability to record and manage scores on training - pass / fail, percentages etc
  • Ability to assign multiple employees to a course at once, by department, or on an individual basis
  • Capture course providers trainer / facilitators
  • Option to choose whether training event is Compulsory or Non-Compulsory
  • Option to state whether training is External or Internal
  • Ability to record the level of support the company is providing for each course, for example, wages, fees and what percentage of that is supported
  • Ability to record if any formal qualifications result from course and attach certificates
  • Ability to choose automatic ongoing Renewal Periods
  • Ability to set access levels for supervisors / managers to enter and edit courses relating to their department if desired


Do you have employee training records stored in different systems, file cabinets, or with line managers? Zambion’s Training Management module allows you to consolidate all your training records into one system so you can remove paper files and save time and effort in tracking training requirements. Consolidated data means you always know where to find your training records!


Now you can plan and prepare for training without the last minute scrambling that occurs when recurring training becomes due or certificates are near expiry. Zambion can send you automated scheduled reports that show upcoming and overdue training and certificate expiry dates for the next period of time that is user-defined, for example, four weeks in advance. Furthermore, automated reminders can be sent to HR, Managers and employees when training renewals arise or certificates are due to expire on an individual basis. These automated processes ensure that you see what's coming up while you still have time to prepare and schedule, ahead of its deadline date.


Attach training material, attendee and facilitator documents to the system with a simple drag and drop motion. Documents can be uploaded and saved against the relevant Participant, Course or Trainer and can be made available for sharing with your key staff. This means all your training related documents are kept in one central secure location and can be easily found!


Our easy to use system enables automated training renewal reminders and will automatically put scheduled training into the employee’s timesheet and roster and can notify them via email, Kiosk message, SMS message, or all three! Furthermore, you are able to invite attendees to training via SMS and automatically record attendance responses when employees respond to the message with a Yes or No. Zambion’s advance communication tools are at the forefront of our training management system and we pride ourselves on setting the standards for effectively and efficiently communicating with training participants.

Access your Training Data Anywhere, Anytime!

As our Zambion Training Management module is web based, you don't need to be in the office to access your training data. You can use it anywhere, anytime via your mobile phone, tablet or PC - all you need is Internet access and a web browser!


Whether you want to provide more transparency to training records across the company or simply streamline your systems for recording and managing training, our secure Training Management module allows you to define who can view, edit or access training records and for what departments and levels. Different managers can be set with different access rights. For example, one manager can be set to view training records only, while another may have permission to add staff to training courses. Managers can be set to see only their department staff, selected department staff or all staff. User security access is robust and secure and completely controllable at all times.


Comprehensive training reports are able to be viewed and downloaded, eliminating the need for you to manually collate your data from different sources. Reports can be exported in Excel, Word and PDF files and data is easily able to be manipulated in Excel for specific analysis work if required. Training renewal reports are also able to be scheduled to be automatically sent to you ahead of time, ensuring you never miss a training renewal date again. If there is a particular type of training report that you require that we don’t currently have, we can build this for you at no extra cost.


Zambion provides the ability to mark courses as being either optional or mandatory. Courses that have been marked Mandatory can be applied automatically to new starters. This means if you have a number of courses that all employees have to complete, you don’t need to worry about assigning these courses every time a new employee starts. Mandatory courses will automatically appear on the employees Kiosk Home Messages page and the employee’s manager will also be notified that the training needs to be completed.


Enter the training cost per staff and Zambion will automatically calculate and show the total cost of the training event based on the number of participants and provide you with training cost reports so you can keep full track of your training expenses.